50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

Self-reliance is a vital key to living a healthy, productive life.  To be self-reliant one must master a basic set of skills, more or less making them a jack of all trades.  Contrary to what you may have learned in school, a jack of all trades is far more equipped to deal with life than a specialized master of only one.

While not totally comprehensive, here is a list of 50 things everyone should know how to do.

1.  Build a Fire – Fire produces heat and light, two basic necessities for living.  At some point in your life this knowledge may be vital.

2.  Operate a Computer – Fundamental computer knowledge is essential these days.  Please, help those in need.

3.  Use Google Effectively – Google knows everything.  If you’re having trouble finding something with Google, it’s you that needs help.

4.  Perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver – Someday it may be your wife, husband, son or daughter that needs help.

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5 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy People

From former U.S. Army captains to tennis pros, it’s always interesting to learn what kind of strategies highly productive people use to stay on top of their game. Some of these tips–for instance, wake up earlier–might be harder than others to follow. But there’s probably something in here that you haven’t tried yet.

Check out the inforgraphic from Visual.y and American Express OPEN Forum for more productivity tips from CEOs and others with incredibly full calendars.

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7 Habits That Will Kill Your Goals

So, how are your goals progressing? Like most of us, probably – some are going well, and others just don’t seem to have got airborne!

Sound familiar?

Also, if we are totally honest with ourselves, what has got in the way most of all is – ourselves! And, if we want to have a real moment of self honesty – wasn’t last year and the year before somewhat similar?

I know I like to blame the environment, the economic crisis, the weather, the “been too busy” for why all my goals are not being achieved. But, when I really and truthfully analyse it – in the main the issue comes down to me.

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The Top 10 Online Counseling Degree Programs

In today’s uncertain job market, many adults are staying competitive by going back to school. Online degree programs are an enticing option for the working professional who doesn’t have the time to study full-time. However, the sheer number of options for online counseling programs can be overwhelming, so here is a list of the top ten online counseling degrees. All the institutions on this list are regionally accredited and offer either a master’s in counseling, counseling psychology, or social work. Social work degrees were included because these degrees allow graduates to provide counseling services in private practice without the supervision of a psychiatrist in all fifty states. Schools were evaluated based on cost of tuition, US News and World Report rankings, and student reviews.

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The Best Airlines For Men In 2014

There was a time in the distant past when air travel was nice: You were wined, you were dined (usually for free), and no one made you swipe a credit card for a carry-on. Then, well, you know what happened: hefty baggage fees, big mergers, and microscopic pretzel bags. But if you’ve lost all faith in flying, it doesn’t have to be that way: Here are the eight best airlines for every guy and every trip.

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7 Quick Tips For Better Business Writing

Want your words to wow? Take this basic advice to write more effective emails, memos, and other professional materials.

I took many writing classes in college but perhaps the most useful was one focused on business writing. My classmates and I spent a semester editing example after example of rambling or confusing letters, memos, and other professional materials. Here are seven bits of simple advice for clear and concise writing.

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How To Master The Chopsticks In 4 Easy Steps

Most of China have been wielding chopsticks around 1200 B.C., and by 500 A.D. the use of these slim sticks had spread throughout the Asian region from Vietnam to Japan. From humble beginnings of being mere cooking utensils to more sophisticated pieces as paper-wrapped bamboo sets at tony sushi counters, there’s definitely more to chopsticks than what’s obviously visible. With its capability to reach the bottom of deep pots filled with boiling water or oil, early forms of chopsticks were utilized primarily for cooking, but, by around 400 A.D. people began dining and using them as utensils.


7 Common Myths About Your Brain

In three minutes, this video examines seven long-standing brain myths.

You might have been brought up to think of yourself as a left-brain or right-brain kind of person. But in fact, there’s no evidence that one side of the brain is dominant over the other.

This is one of seven often-repeated myths that this fun video by ASAP Science debunks. It also highlights some fascinating facts about the body’s command center. For example, did you know that the brain only accounts for three percent of a body’s weight, but the organ uses 20 percent of the body’s energy?

You might also be relieved to learn that, though your head might ache after one too many drinks, you didn’t kill any brain cells. It’s true that excessive amounts of alcohol can damage brain cells, but the damage is mostly reversible, according to ASAP Science.

To hear more about these busted brain myths, check out the video below.